Community Trigger

If several reports of antisocial behaviour have been made with no action taken, residents can use the Community Trigger to demand action from us.

When to trigger

You can ask for the Community Trigger to be activated if you consider no action has been taken after you have complained to us at the council, Police or a Registered Housing Provider about 3 separate incidents of antisocial behaviour in the last 6 months.

You can also ask for the Community Trigger if 5 individuals in the local community have complained separately to the council, Police or Registered Housing Provider about similar incidents of antisocial behaviour in the last 6 months.

How to trigger

If your case meets the above criteria, you can request the use of the Community Trigger. The best way to contact us and activate the Community Trigger is to use our ‘Community Trigger’ online form. A link to the form is located on the following page.

Community Trigger form

What happens next

After you request to use the Community Trigger, you will get written confirmation of your request within 2 working days. We will then have ten working days to look at the situation and talk to any other organisations who may be involved with the case. Your case will then be discussed at the Repeat and Vulnerable Callers Group which addresses the cases of repeat callers.

You will get an action plan which will say if your case has been agreed or not. You will get this within one working day of your case being discussed.

Cases may not be agreed if the case is anonymous or work is ongoing. If the request is not agreed then you have a right to appeal this decision.