Breezie: helping isolated older residents to get online

Breezie is a tablet device that makes the internet accessible by removing jargon, clutter and confusing set-up processes.

Each Samsung tablet is built with personalised home screens, featuring pre-installed apps that are picked according to the interests and needs of each user, like Skype so they can communicate with family and friends.

We’ve got 75 Breezie tablets to give to older members of the community who feel disconnected and could benefit from getting online to help make life easier.

Each device has a 4G sim built in, so runs off the mobile network, therefore users won’t need to have the internet installed at home to use them. And, all users will be shown how to use their devices, so you needn’t be confident using new technology.

If you or somebody you know could benefit, fill out our form so a member of the team can get in touch to discuss your eligibility.

Breezie nomination form

If you have a question about Breezie, contact the team:

0800 808 5498