Guidance for completing the application form

Step-by-step guide

Please read the step-by-step guide to making an application and the licensing conditions before completing the form. The guide contains information on licensing a property and how to complete each section of the form.

Proposed licence holder

The proposed licence holder needs to be the most appropriate person. It could be the landlord, the person receiving the rent or the person in control of the property.

If the proposed licence-holder is a limited company, please give the full company name and the address of a UK registered office and a listed director who will be the proposed licence holder.

It’s preferred (though not essential) that the proposed licence holder is the person that submits this application.

Information required

You will need to be able to provide these details in order to complete your application:

  • Name, address, email and telephone number of company/person managing the property
  • Name and telephone number of the tenant
  • Mortgage lender name, address and account/reference numbers
  • Measurements of rooms in square metres (m2) and their location within the private rented property

Getting Council approval

The Council must be satisfied that the property to be licensed must be reasonably suitable for occupation. Please refer to the Private Rented Property Licensing conditions before completing this application to ensure that your property meets the standards.

The proposed licence holder must be a fit and proper person to be the licence holder and must be the most appropriate person to hold the licence.

The proposed manager must either be the person having control of the house or his agent, and be a fit and proper person.

The proposed management arrangements for the house must be otherwise satisfactory.