Help completing your application

The governing body will rely solely on the information contained in your application form to make a decision whether to shortlist you for the post.

Your CV will not be accepted.

Please provide us much relevant information as possible.

You may find the following points helpful:

  • Begin by reading through all the information in the recruitment pack, paying particular attention to the selection criteria
  • Complete each section of the application form
  • In writing your personal statement you should think about how your experience, skills, and abilities help you to meet each of the selection criteria listed for this post
  • You must address each of the criteria in turn
  • It is important to provide evidence with what you say with examples
  • Specify your own experience and not the general work of your school using words such as ‘I planned’ or ‘I implemented’. Avoid being overly descriptive
  • Try to be concise but at the same time make sure that you address each of the criteria fully

Remember, the panel will use the person specification to judge whether or not to shortlist an applicant.

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