Teachers trained overseas

Any British Passport, European Union Passport, Dual Nationality, Indefinite Leave to Remain holder or Overseas National who has completed his or her teacher training (for example obtained a teaching qualification) in a country outside the European Union is only allowed to teach as an unqualified teacher in the United Kingdom, for a maximum of 4 years from his or her first day of teaching in the United Kingdom (this includes any teaching supply work through an agency).

All Overseas Trained Teachers must obtain UK Qualified Teacher Status by the end of the 4 year period if they wish to continue teaching in the United Kingdom beyond that date.

It is recommended that Overseas Trained Teachers apply for a place on the United Kingdom Qualified Teacher Status for Overseas Trained Teacher Programme during their second year or beginning of their third year of teaching in the United Kingdom.

If you are an Overseas Trained Teacher currently working in Barking and Dagenham full-time and would like more information about the Overseas Trained Teacher Programme then please contact us for more information.

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