Parsloes Park

Parsloes Park poster imageParsloes Park is the largest park in Barking and Dagenham.

It includes:

  • a lake
  • a children’s play area
  • football pitches
  • tennis courts
  • a basketball court
  • a bowling green

It has a number of entrances, including:

  • Parsloes Avenue
  • Gale Street
  • Wren Road

The importance of Parsloes Park in the heart of the borough has long been recognised.

It’s our largest park, at 58 hectares, just over seven times the size of the Olympic Stadium.

The park was once one of the most popular in the borough, with many opportunities for play, a rich assortment of plants and flowers in and around the lake and gardens, and family events.

Today, we’re working to explore opportunities to re-design Parsloes Park in a financially sustainable way.

Its central location and good transport links means that Parsloes Park has the potential to become a destination for people once more, reaching more of the community for a wider range of activities and experiences.


We’ve appointed Arup to lead on masterplanning the regeneration and restoration of Parsloes Park.

This is an opportunity to address a number of priorities for people including:

  • healthy living
  • opportunities for sport, play and recreation
  • managing flood risk
  • transition to low carbon lifestyles through encouraging active travel.

These priorities will be addressed while conserving and enhancing the park’s heritage and biodiversity assets.