Trees make our borough a nicer and greener place to live in along with all the environmental benefits they bring.

However, along with their benefits, trees can sometimes cause problems. Often when this happens it’s not always easy to know who to report the issue to.

Here’s an explanation of who you need to contact if you have a problem with a tree in the borough.

Trees we’re responsible for

We manage almost all council-owned trees, including amenity green trees found on grassed areas around housing estates, council-owned flats and on the corners of roads.

We also manage trees planted along roads and adopted public rights of way, in car parks, on roundabouts, on central reservations, on highway verges and trees in parks.

Trees we’re not responsible for

There are some trees, even on council-owned property, that we are not responsible for.

Council property

Under your tenancy agreement you are responsible for the maintenance of your garden, including trees.

You may, however, request a health and safety inspection by contacting your property services officer:

Barking and Dagenham Direct

020 8215 3000

Private property

We do not undertake works on privately owned trees. These include trees in private gardens, alleys or land.

To investigate land ownership you can ask for a Land Registry search:

Land Registry

0300 0060411

School trees

We will only inspect school trees at the request of the school.

Please contact the relevant school if you are concerned about a tree located within its grounds.

Neighbours’ trees

We’ve provided plenty of advice about what you can do if you have an issue with a neighbour’s tree. You can read this information on our Neighbours’ tree web page.