Visitor parking permits (paperless)

Our new paperless/virtual parking permit system

We have received a large number of enquiries regarding the implementation of our new paperless/virtual parking permit system. The new system replaces the old versions of the parking permits and vouchers with a

Annual ‘virtual’ resident parking permits were introduced in December 2016. The virtual parking permits for visitors were introduced on 1 June 2017, replacing the traditional ‘scratch card’ or ‘scratch-off’ permits/vouchers.

We stopped issuing scratch cards for visitor parking permits (vouchers) from 1 June 2017. However, any previously-bought scratch cards are still valid until 31 May 2018.

Eventually all our parking permits will be virtual. Virtual permits are not made of paper, and you do not have to keep a permit with you or in your vehicle. Once activated, these permits will send the information about your vehicle to an electronic database. This database is connected to enforcement officers’ handheld devices. The officers will be able to see who has a permit to park in a certain parking space at the touch of a button.

This is a much simpler system. By using this virtual system, your vehicle’s information and your parking permit information will be stored electronically.

How to purchase a virtual visitor parking permit

Virtual visitor permits can be purchased on RingGo, or by using the RingGo app.

All you need is proof of address, a credit or debit card and an account on RingGo.

Once you have created one permit, your card and vehicles will be remembered by the system. This makes booking subsequent permits even easier.

You can download the RingGo app to your smartphone, so you can manage your permits easily on the go.

You can only buy these visitor permits individually; however we’re developing the system to enable residents to bulk buy in advance.

How to activate a virtual visitor parking permit

All you need is your visitor’s vehicle registration number, the date they will be staying, how long they will be staying for and a credit or debit card.

You can either activate virtual permits when your visitor is actually parking up or you can do it in advance if you know the date that your visitor will be arriving. All you need is your visitor’s vehicle registration number, how long they will be staying and a credit or debit card.

Once you have created one permit, your card and vehicles will be remembered by the system, making subsequent permits even easier to book.

You activate a permit by signing into your account and selecting ‘Activate Paperless Visitor Permit One Day Zone’ from the homepage. The registration number of the relevant vehicle must be entered when you activate the permit.

How we know if a parked vehicle has a permit

Once a virtual permit has been purchased and activated, it instantly logs a vehicle in our electronic database. This database is connected to our civil enforcement officers’ handheld devices.

Using any paper tickets you have left

Paper permits will remain valid until 31 May 2018 when we will replace any unused for virtual permits. Contact us and we will arrange for collection of any unused permits and replace them with virtual parking permits:

How to buy a virtual permit if you don’t have internet access

Our paperless visitor permits are designed to work with all mobile phones, tablets and computers.

If you don’t have access to a mobile phone, tablet or computer you can visit:

We will guide you through the process using self-service computers. We also run regular free internet introduction sessions for people who’d like to get online.

Once a resident has an account for the visitor parking permits they can ring an automated permit activation line:

Automated permit activation line

020 3046 0005

Refunds on virtual visitor permits

Any payment made for permits is not refundable.

Buying a PVP if you’re not the vehicle owner

You can apply for a visitor permit without owning the vehicle yourself as long as you are a resident.

Buying a PVP if you’re not a resident

Only residents can buy visitor permits. Residents need to supply proof of address when registering for an account.