Report a faulty street light

We look after most street lights in the borough. We are not responsible for street lights in un-adopted roads or private roads. These are the responsibility of the private landlord or housing trust.

Report a faulty or broken street light

Please give  the following details:

  • The street or road name and the house or property nearest to the light
  • Street lighting columns are numbered so, if you can, the lamp column number (this will be a number such as A01 about 3 metres up the column)

Repairs to normal faults will be completed within five working days of the contractor receiving the information. For emergency situations the contractor will be on site within two hours of the report.

For situations where there is a greater risk of danger but not an emergency (eg lights on pedestrian crossings, busy road junctions or flights of steps), attendance on site will be arranged within 24 hours.

Traffic lights

We are not responsible for traffic lights. They are the responsibility of Transport for London.

Report a faulty traffic light