We’ve taken the lead on dog mess

Lots of you told us that you are dog owners but hate it when other people let their dogs make a mess on the street and don’t pick it up. Just like litter, we won’t tolerate it and will fine anyone who doesn’t pick up after their pooch.

To encourage responsible dog ownership we were one of the first councils to trial a dog DNA scheme, where we asked owners to register their dogs’ DNA so it could be matched against any dog mess found.

During this scheme we saw half the amount of dog mess we usually see on our streets.

We are now working with council tenants across the borough, to encourage them to sign up to our voluntary dog DNA registration scheme before we look at making this a requirement for all tenants.

Clean it up or get fined!

We also now have a Public Space Protection Order in three of our parks – Barking Park, Mayesbrook Park and Abbey Gardens. We have regular patrols in these parks and if someone doesn’t clear up after their dog, they will get a fine of £100 on the spot.

You can help us by making sure your dog is microchipped, carrying bags when you walk your dog and report antisocial behaviour if you thinking someone is acting irresponsibly.

To register your pet’s DNA


01244 536999

Or contact our dog warden:

Dog Warden

07854 958715

Benefits of this DNA registration service

At a community level, dog DNA registration helps create better, cleaner, safer places by promoting considerate dog ownership leading to reduced incidences of uncollected waste.

For individual dog owners, they gain access to a secure online database of useful pet information (their pet’s DNA profile, breed overviews, a place to store medical records, kennel information and so on).

It can help in broader activities such as tackling animal welfare issues or research into specific breeds at a community or even national level.

For individual dog owners an advanced version of the DNA service can provide breed identification information and genetic trait screening to help identify health issues.

Why we chose those three wards for the pilot scheme

The scheme, the first of its type in the country, involved owners registering with PooPrints, animal DNA specialists.

During the pilot scheme, which ended on 20 April 2016, registration was free for the first 1,000 registrations.

Officers from the council’s environmental enforcement team and park rangers service carried out proactive patrols in the pilot area to collect samples of any dog faeces in the Abbey, Longbridge and Mayesbrook wards.

Samples were sent to PooPrints to check for a match to any dog registered on their database. If there is a match, the owner received an advisory note warning of future enforcement activity.

The three month pilot was designed to gather evidence to enable the council to get tougher on inconsiderate dog owners later in the year.

The scheme included pavements and streets as well as parks and open spaces.

The three wards chosen included plenty of parks and open spaces and Barking town centre is a major borough retail destination.

Map outlining the three areas

How enforcement works

If you’re registered and you haven’t picked up your pet’s mess you’ll initially be sent a warning letter and any subsequent failure to pick up mess could result in a fine.

If you are not registered and caught not picking up your pet’s poo you will be fined.


01244 536999