One borough, One community, One plan

The Local Plan

We have completed consultation on a new Local Plan, a document which will set out what Barking and Dagenham will look like in 2030 and the policies that will deliver this vision.

The Local Plan will include targets for the number of homes and jobs to be delivered from 2015 to 2030. It will also set out the requirements for new transport links and facilities such as schools and health centres to meet the needs of new and existing residents.

The plan will include those features in the borough which people cherish and need to be protected, such as parks and historic buildings.

It’s vitally important as it helps us determine how the borough will grow and what uses will be encouraged or discouraged in different areas.

We are now considering the results of the consultation.

These documents provide more information about the issues and approach that we are taking:

Issues and Options Report (July 2015)

Detailed information on what we think are the main issues and options for the future of Barking and Dagenham.

Issues and Options Summary Paper and Consultation

A summary of Issues and Options Report (July 2015).

This sets out clearly the main issues and options being proposed for Barking and Dagenham.

It also includes questions on each of the issues covered in the document.

Shaping Barking and Dagenham’s future Survey

A short survey designed to get your views on key matters important to the development of the Plan.

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