Examinations are held each term at the Music Centre. We hold the CMS beginners ‘IPE’ exam, Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM) practical and theory exams plus Rock School practical exams.

Intermediate Performance Examination (IPE) Practical Exam

This is a gentle introduction where the examiner gives encouraging feedback.

When they pass this exam a certificate will be sent to the pupils school (LBBD only) to be signed by the Head Teacher / Head of Music and handed to the pupil.

Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Practical Exam

CMS pupils are entered from Grade 2 to Grade 8. To enter a Grade 6 practical level you will need to have passed Grade 5 Theory.

The AB grades are recognised as international benchmarks & are valued by teachers & institutions all over the world.

Grades 6 upwards also carry UCAS tariff points.

For full information visit ABRSM.

Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Theory Exam

There is a Fast Track Theory class that pupils are invited to attend when they reach the appropriate level (usually as they reach practical exam grade 5). The class follows the syllabus requirements for Grade 5 theory.

Pupils enter the exam after 1 year of study.

For full information visit ABRSM

Rock School Exams

Rockschool is Europe’s No.1 rock music exam board, they offer rock musicians the opportunity to get the same qualifications that classical musicians can get.

All our graded music exams have original set repertoire, encourage improvisation and have an element of free choice so you can play the music you love and get a qualification.

They are committed to making music examinations and qualifications practical, flexible and fun. Start from Debut grade for beginners and then will progress through grades 1-8.

For full information visit Rockschool.

What exams will my child be taking?

Wider Opportunities pupils learn an instrument for one year as part of a whole class instrumental lesson.

During the year pupils are taught how to play and read an octave, they can improvise short melodic and rhythmic phrases and have been introduced to different types of music and genres.

If they choose to continue learning in Year 6 they will be working towards an Intermediate Performance Examination (IPE) exam.

Peripatetic (peri) pupils are those continuing from the whole class lessons or those starting in school or at the Music Centre in small groups or individual lessons.

They will be working towards their first examination which is the Intermediate Performance Examination (IPE) exam.

They will then progress through the ABRSM Practical exams and will need to take the ABRSM Theory exam when they are working towards taking a grade 6 practical exam.

For those pupils learning ‘rock’ type instruments, electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, they will be invited to take Rock School exams which start at Debut grade, then grades 1-8.