Music at school

The Community Music Service (CMS) provides individual and group tuition for children, young people and adults. We deliver weekly ensembles both in schools and at the music centre, workshops and projects including partnership work with professional orchestras and music education organisations.

CMS teachers deliver a programme of live music concerts in schools and children’s centres. We also offer curriculum advice and support to schools and support our team of staff with continuing professional development.

The Council is determined not to let any economic disadvantages put a ceiling on achievement and this includes music. The Council has a clear principle that music is free at the point of delivery and that no parents pay for tuition. This is supported by schools who contribute towards the costs of music tuition for their children. The CMS strives to ensure as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.

CMS teachers visit each primary, junior and secondary school weekly and provide instrumental lessons. In junior and primary schools whole classes learn to play instruments through the Wider Opportunities programme.