Free school meals

Free school meals are a statutory means-tested benefit which provides a child or young person with meals at school for free.

Parents in the borough who are eligible to claim free school meals for their children are not claiming their entitlement.

Taking up free school meals has benefits for everyone:

  • Children can benefit from a healthy free nutritious meal
  • Families entitled to free school meals could save more than £400 per child per year by claiming free school meals
  • It’s anonymous for parents
    (because so much of the application process can be done online, a persons’ entitlement is mostly processed electronically)
  • It’s anonymous for young people
    (thanks to our cashless catering system, claiming free school meals is anonymous – cards are swiped in the same way as a paid for meal so nobody knows that it’s a free school meal)
  • Schools can benefit directly by receiving money from the government.
    The government pays schools £430 for every child who registers for free school meals. Your school could benefit from hundreds of thousands of pounds

Applications for September 2017 onwards

Please note that if you currently have a live claim for Free School meals this will automatically be carried over and awarded for your child from 1st September 2017.

Any child moving from Infants to Junior or Junior to Secondary Schools with a live award will also automatically be moved over to the new allocated school.

New Claims are not required for any child with a current live award for Free School Meals.

Please note that letters will not be sent to either parents or schools as all schools will be notified and sent a full report detailing all live Free School meals awards valid from September 2017 so they can update their systems.