Moving to junior school

Moving from infant to junior school in 2018

If your child is a year 2 pupil and attending an infant school you must apply for your child’s year 3 junior school place (even if you want a place at your linked junior school). The full admissions process is set out in the booklet ‘Moving to junior school in 2018’.


If your child attends a Barking and Dagenham infant school in year two, that school will send you a letter about their Junior placement on 16 April 2018. If you applied for a junior school place online, see your results on the admissions website where you made your application. You must now accept this place by 30 April 2018 or your child will not have a school place.

Login using your username and password you received when you registered to make your application.  If you have forgotten your details, you can enter your email address and get a reminder sent to you.

  • Select ‘My school admissions’ page
  • Select the ‘View outcome and respond’ option
  • Submit your response – we will then send you an email to confirm that you have accepted your child’s school place
  • If you do not press the ‘submit’ button, we will automatically take the place away as you have not accepted our offer.

Important things to note

  • The closing date was 15 January 2018
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be processed until 6 July 2018 and will be dealt with under the ‘in year admissions’ process listed on our website in the booklet ‘finding a school place – issue 6’
  • If your child needs a year 2 place now, please follow the ‘In-year’ admissions process.
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