Moving to secondary school 2018

If your child was born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007

If your child was born between these dates they will start secondary school in September 2018.

This move is not an automatic process and you must apply for a place at the schools you would like your child to go to.


If you applied for a place online, see your results on the eadmissions website where you made your application.

Login using your username and password you received when you registered to make your application.  If you have forgotten your details, you can enter your email address and get a reminder sent to you.

  • Select ‘My school admissions’ page.
  • Select the ‘View outcome and respond’ option.
  • Submit your response.

Important things to note

  • The closing date was 31 October 2017.  Applications received after this date are late.
  • You must read the admissions booklet ‘Moving to secondary school in 2018’ before you apply.
  • If you have not already applied for a school place, please apply online now using the link below.  If you try to apply online and you cannot see your exact address in the list, or the schools you want to apply for are not listed, please fill in and return a paper common application form (SCAF).
  • If you have already applied online but want to change your preferred schools, you must fill in our paper common application form (SCAF).
  • You can download our paper SCAF forms below, or pick up a copy at Dagenham Library and use the self-service scanners there.
Apply online for a school place
School Admissions Team

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