School admission appeals

How to appeal for a school place

You have a right to appeal to an independent appeal panel if we do not offer your child a place at the Barking and Dagenham schools on your application form which are listed as a higher preference than the one we offered you.

To appeal for a place at one of our schools you will need to fill in the appeal form or pick up a printed copy from our Dagenham one-stop shop.

The school appeals guidance notes (included with the appeal form) explain how to appeal against our decision.

Use one form for each child for all of our schools.

Return your filled-in appeal form to the clerk to the appeal panel at the address printed on the front of the form.

The clerk will write to you to tell you the date of your appeal.

Important information

  • If you change your preferences and do not list the schools you are appealing for on your most up to date common application form, we will withdraw your appeal.
  • The appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel of three people, who have no connection with the school or the School Admissions Team.
  • The timetable for hearings your appeal is published under the “Useful Links” section below.
  • The appeal panel’s decision is final and both you and we must accept it.

Important note for infant class size limit

By law, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes (also known as Key Stage 1) must not contain more than 30 pupils with a single teacher – this is known as ‘infant class size prejudice’.

So for Key Stage 1 classes that already have 30 pupils, the panel should only allow an appeal in exceptional circumstances.

As a result of this, Key Stage 1 cases have a very limited chance of being successful.

Appealing for schools outside the borough

If you want to appeal for a place in a school outside Barking and Dagenham, you will need to contact the relevant admissions authority (local authority or school) for more details about how to appeal.


For more information, see the Department for Education appeals information.

School Admissions appeal form

Please make sure you complete a separate form for each child and read the guidance notes before you complete this appeal form.