Street naming and numbering

How we approve new street and property names.

New street and property names 

This helps to reduce or eliminate the duplication of street names across London. This benefits the public, delivery businesses and the emergency services.

There is no charge for approving new street names or numbers. However, there is a fee for informing other organisations of the new property.

Please be aware that assigning new addresses can take a considerable amount of time to go through consultation. Submit your application as soon as planning is approved.


For fees please refer to the application form.

We reserve the right to levy an additional charge for changing previously agreed naming or numbering schedules which have previously been submitted and processed which are then subject to change by the developer.

Check our list of unused approved names:

Unused approved names (PDF, 57KB)

Contact us for more details at


The application form lists the information we need from you to assess a proposed new property label or address.

Street Naming and Numbering General Notes (PDF, 328.95KB)

Street Naming and Numbering Application Form (DOC, 39.09KB)

Send your completed application form to:

Street Naming and Numbering, 9th Floor, Maritime House, 1 Linton Road, Barking IG11 8HG.

Single or small developments

If you are the developer of a new property (a single or small development), you should contact us as soon as you start work on site. A single or small development will usually be named or numbered into the existing street.

Where new property numbers are not available, you should first consider using suffix numbers, such as 12A, 12B and 12C. If this is not possible, the development will need to be named. The approved property list will not usually contain plot numbers or developers’ marketing names.

Transactions with the council can use the unique property reference number (UPRN) instead of the approved address. UPRNs are issued when we notify you of an approved address.

Developments with lifts

Developments that include lifts will need advance naming/numbering approval. This is because emergency telephones in lifts require accounts to be set up with telecoms providers, who expect a postcode to be part of the telephone’s location information.

We will try to contact any developer to agree addresses for the development once work has begun on site.