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School admissions appeal form

Read more about school admissions

You must complete a separate form for each child. Read the guidance notes before you complete this appeal form. You can only use this appeal form if we turned down your application for a place at a Barking and Dagenham school.

Child's name


About the school

Only use this form to appeal for Barking and Dagenham schools that were listed on your application that your child was not offered a place at.
If you did not apply for the school below on your application form, you cannot appeal for that school.
If the school you are appealing for is outside the London borough of Barking and Dagenham, you must contact the relevant admissions authority for that school.

Select the schools you want to appeal for, that we have turned down.

Your appeal hearing

Your appeal hearing

Important information

Note 1

Attach any other statements and supporting documents you want to include with your appeal form to the clerk to the appeal panel at least seven days before your appeal hearing.

If you are due to come to the hearing but are not able to, or will be late, you must tell the school appeals officer before the hearing takes place, otherwise the panel will consider your appeal on written evidence you have sent.

Note 2

You are entitled to 10 school days notice of the date of your appeal hearing.

Select here if you are willing to accept less than 10 days notice.

About your needs

There are no crèche facilities at the hearing to care for young children.
You can bring someone with you to the hearing to represent or accompany you. This person can be:

  • a friend, interpreter or adviser (for example a choice adviser)
  • a local politician
  • an employee of the local education authority (such as an educational social worker, special education needs adviser or learning mentor) as long as this will not lead to a conflict of interest (for example, if the politician is a governor of the school that you are appealing for).

Your reasons for appeal

Ensure your documents or pictures are clear, legible and good quality
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

Parent or carer details

Parent or carer details

Parent name
Relationship to child
Home address (If different from the child’s address)

Declaration by parent or carer

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