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Specialist support for extremely vulnerable people

Coronavirus - Shielding

People who have a medical condition that makes them extremely vulnerable to coronavirus received a letter from the NHS telling them to stay indoors. There was support put in place, including food deliveries and support getting medication. The council has been providing additional help to this group.

That scheme was paused by the government from 1 August. If you have been shielding, the government now says that you can go out and about, whilst taking the necessary precautions of hand-washing, keeping distance from people, and wearing a mask. Everyone who has been receiving regular, ongoing help has been contacted to check what support they may need when the scheme ends, but we know that needs can change unexpectedly.

If you or someone you know needs support now that the scheme has ended, it is important that you get in touch with us. You can continue to call the council’s Intake team on 020 8227 2915 - we’re here to help you.

You may well have a great support network around you, or friends, neighbours and family. We can link you into services who can provide general shopping or medicines, gas or electricity meter top up or arrange for some social contact over the phone or internet. We are working with local specialist voluntary sector organisations to get this help out to you.

Call the dedicated number, through the Adult Social Care Intake team:

020 8227 2915

or email: intaketeam@lbbd.gov.uk

If you do not have current social care needs, or a letter addressed to you from the NHS warning you of your vulnerability to the virus, then you can still get this kind of assistance, but please go through the BD-CAN network.

Additional information

The government’s full guidance for shielding clinically extremely vulnerable people is available online:

Guidance on shielding and protecting extremely vulnerable persons from Covid-19.

If you have received a letter saying you are on the shielding list and you would like to receive weekly food parcels, you need to register online or call 0800 028 8327.