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The Corporate Plan and Performance Framework

The Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan explains how the council is going about trying to achieve the vision of the Borough Manifesto, it sets out the council’s approach to its work across the borough and its plans up until the next local elections in May 2022. 

The Corporate Plan sets out the council’s key priorities:

  1. Inclusive Growth 
  2. Participation and Engagement 
  3. Prevention, Independence and Resilience 
  4. Well-Run Organisation

The Corporate Plan also describes the council’s approach to its work. We have developed this approach over the past several years as we have transformed the council and how we work with the residents of this borough. Our approach is built around: 

  • A shared approach to dispersed working and community hubs
  • A shared approach to service design and delivery
  • A shared approach to cross-cutting issues and outcomes

And at the heart of our approach is the aim of building a new relationship with residents so that we are better able to support communities to become ever more powerful, connected and resilient. 

Barking and Dagenham Corporate Plan 2020 to 2022 (PDF, 2.2MB)

The Single Performance Framework

The Single Performance Framework translates the approach and priorities of the Corporate Plan into tangible work that we are planning to do from now until May 2022, the objectives and targets we have set for ourselves, and the positive impact we expect this to have on the community. The Performance Framework is also structured around our four key strategic priorities: 

  1. Inclusive Growth 
  2. Participation and Engagement 
  3. Prevention, Independence and Resilience 
  4. Well Run Organisation

We regularly report progress made towards achieving the Performance Framework to Cabinet. For further information, please see the Single Performance Framework: 

The Single Performance Framework (PDF, 644KB)

Strategic Priorities

For more information on each of the strategic priorities in the Corporate Plan and Single Performance Framework, including the reasons and rationale for the commitments we have made, please take a look at the links below.