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Tips for at home

Talking to your child is the best way for them to learn new words and understand what they mean.  You can do this when you're playing together, at bath time, meal times, bed time and even when you're out and about together.

Show your child what you say

You could talk about what your child is doing as they do it or what they're looking at or listening to.  Remember to use a mixture of naming, action and describing words.  You can also use objects, pictures and body language alongside words to help them understand what you're talking about.

Grow sentences

If your child is using pointing or is babbling to communicate, then start off by using single words.  For example if they point to a dog, you could just say the word "dog".  Once they start using single words, you can reply adding on another word such as "big dog" and then continue together to make the sentences longer and more interesting.