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Vision and priorities

The vision for the borough is:

One borough; One community; No-one left behind

Over the past four years we have built a new kind of council, capable of delivering real change for our community in the twenty-first century. Over the coming years we will consolidate the progress we have already made and use our new kind of council to empower residents to live longer, healthier, happier and more independent lives. 

The council’s Corporate Plan sets out how we will deliver this vision by working across 4 themes to deliver 12 priorities.

Theme 1: A new kind of council


  1. Build a well-run organisation
  2. Ensure relentlessly reliable services 
  3. Develop place-based partnerships 

Theme 2: Empowering people 


  1. Enable greater independence and protect the most vulnerable 
  2. Strengthen our services for all 
  3. Intervene earlier 

Theme 3: Inclusive growth


  1. Develop our aspirational and affordable housing offer 
  2. Shape great places and strong communities through regeneration
  3. Encourage enterprise and enable employment 

Theme 4: Citizenship and participation 


  1. Harness culture and increase opportunity
  2. Encourage civic pride and social responsibility
  3. Strengthen partnerships, participation and a place-based approach 

For further information about our key priorities, how we will achieve them and how we will measure the impact we are having, please see our 2018-2022 Corporate Plan