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Our website will be under planned maintenance on Monday 23rd September 2019.  Please note this will cause some of our forms to be unavailable and we will be unable to provide you with the progress of completed forms also.


This website is designed to be as accessible as possible for every user, to meet the AA standard of accessibility of WCAG 2.0, by implementing the following measures:

  • using simple content (plain English and with minimal council terminology)
  • enabling screen reader software to work well on content and navigation areas (including tagging for webforms)
  • enabling keyboard control of the website
  • minimising use of images and where these are needed, to have meaningful captions
  • ensuring alerts (pop up messages) do not adversely interfere with a user requiring keyboard control or screen reading software
  • provide text alternatives for any non-text content
  • font size adjusts when zoomed without loss of functionality
  • provide user options for alternative background colours (where possible)
  • no use of Captcha unless there is a compelling reason to
  • maps should be used only when you're not referencing a UPRN (unique property reference number), where the address lookup would not pinpoint the exact location)

This means that you should be able to access our information and services with the latest versions of screen readers and basic operating system screen magnifiers.

You can find advice on the BBC website about:

Contact us if you’re having trouble using our website. We will work to make improvements wherever possible.