Safeguarding Adults Complex Cases Group

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The Barking and Dagenham Safeguarding Adults Complex Cases Group (SACCG) is sub-committee of the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB). It is a meeting where information is shared on cases presenting with the highest risk and or complexity.

The group is made up of representatives of the Local Authority, the Police, mental health services, housing services, safeguarding officers, officers from the fire service, and other professionals as and when required.

The SACCG considers new cases to support the identification of high risks that is or needs to be shared across agencies, cases are also brought to monitor and review those risks. Every case represents a safeguarding concern for an adult that requires multi agency communication and approach to addressing risk/s adequately.

The SACCG will consider cases in respect of adults aged 18 years and over, as well as transitional cases of people aged 17 years and over to ensure a well-managed, transitioning into adult services where care and support needs are likely under the Care Act 2014. This will be where existing mechanisms within agencies, for resolving or minimising risk, have not achieved this outcome.

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