Care technology

Technology is revolutionising the way we live our lives and can make a positive difference to quality of life and daily living.

Care technology is the term used to describe digital or smart devices and services that can support your independence, to help you better self-manage and monitor your own (or someone else's) health and wellbeing. Care technology provides accessibility, convenience, choice, and control that allows you to have an improved independent quality of life at home and in the community. 

The Care Technology service includes:  

  • 24/7 Emergency Call Centre response to all alerts and alarms 
  • Welfare check calls 
  • A local team of responders 
  • Devices recommended to meet your personal needs 
  • Installations, maintenance & collections 
  • Support with using your Care Technology


Alcove are proud to partner with us to deliver our new Care Technology Service. Alcove are responsible for receiving referrals from your health or social care practitioner, installing and maintaining your Care Technology devices.

If an alert is received, the Medequip monitoring service will speak to you via your Care Technology device to establish whether you are ok and what help you need. If required, Alcove’s responders will visit you in your home to support you off of the floor following a fall, or the appropriate emergency service to meet your needs will be alerted.


The range of devices available are all digital and interoperable and include:

  • Video Carephone:  An easy-to-use tablet that provides you with the opportunity to make calls, receive messages and access limited information and puzzles in an easy way. It allows you to make two-way video calls with your family, friends and carers at the touch of a button and enables a connection to the 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre. 
  • Falls button: An automatic falls detector or a button that can be pressed to raise a call for help. This device has been designed to be used in the home and - should a fall occur - it automatically makes a voice call to your emergency contact through the Video Carephone.
  • Smartwatch: A standard watch that you wear on your wrist but allows you to call for help in an emergency – either at home or when out and about, at the press of a button. The watch can also let your carers know where you are should you get lost or if you are unable to tell them where you are.
  • Radar sensor: The Radar Sensor can recognise instantly when you have had a fall in your home. It provides automatic notifications which means you do not have to call for help or trigger an alarm should you have a fall. The Radar does not require cameras, wearables or pull-cords so that you can maintain your privacy and dignity at all times.
  • Amazon Alexa: A virtual assistant, or smart speaker device that recognises voice commands and talks back. Alexa can play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and provide weather, traffic, news and other information. You and your carers can set reminders on your Alexa. Alexa can also be used by carers to check-in and check-out during a visit. This can provide reassurance that a visit has occurred or support care planning. Alexa can also be connected to smart plugs and smart bulbs which can be voice activated.
  • Motion sensors and door sensors: Early help for people living independently with optional peace-of-mind for family/carers via an accompanying app. Detect and can send an alert if someone is immobile for too long, when someone leaves or enters the home at an unexpected time of day or if an exit door is left open.  
  • Digital bed and chair mats: The mats are placed on your bed or chair under a sheet or cushion. They have pressure sensors, and show when you sit or get up from your bed or chair. They also can show when you sit down or go to bed.  Your carers can look at this information on their phone or computers and can get an alert if you get up or have not returned to your chair or bed.
  • Epileptic seizure alarm: detects the symptoms of a seizure and alerts the 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre and Response Service.

If you require any of this equipment then please contact the Adult Triage Team on 020 8227 2915 to request a referral

If you are an existing Care Technology customer and need support with your Care Technology devices, please contact Alcove on 0203 966 1121.