Care technology

Technology is revolutionising the way we live our lives and can make a positive difference to quality of life and daily living.

Care technology is the term used to describe digital or smart devices and services that can support your independence, to help you better self-manage and monitor your own (or someone else's) health and wellbeing. Care technology provides accessibility, convenience, choice, and control that allows you to have an improved independent quality of life at home and in the community. 

The Care Technology service includes:  

  • 24/7 Emergency Call Centre response to all alerts and alarms 
  • Welfare check calls 
  • A local team of responders 
  • Devices recommended to meet your personal needs 
  • Installations, maintenance & collections 


Medequip are proud to partner with us to deliver their All-Age Care Technology Service. Medequip have been working with us since 2010. Their service is accredited by TSA, the Technology Enabled Care Services Association, giving people the confidence of knowing that help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Medequip is the leading provider of health and care equipment to local authorities and the NHS across the U.K, serving more than 1.3 million customers every year. Medequip have a wealth of experience in providing a wide range of equipment and support to people in their own homes, keeping them safe and independent for longer. 


020 8059 0808 


We are working with Medequip Connect, their innovation partner, to identify the latest technology that can support residents. The range of devices available are all digital and interoperable and include.

Home devices:  

  • Emergency alarm:  Continuous connection to the 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. 

The following devices can be used with the Emergency alarm:  

  • Falls detector and Voice Panic Detector and Extender: Suitable for people at risk of falls with restricted mobility without the need for a wearable, mobility restrictions that prevent pushing a button or any form of cognitive impairment that affects capacity including mental health.  
  • Motion sensors and door sensors: Early help for people living independently with optional peace-of-mind for family/carers via an accompanying app. Suitable for people with early cognitive impairment that affects capacity including mental health. Detect and can send an alert if someone is immobile for too long, when someone leaves or enters the home at an unexpected time of day or if an exit door is left open.  
  • Bed and chair sensors: Positioned over or under a mattress or on the seat of a chair, they detect and send an alert if someone moves or falls from their bed or chair, or fails to get out of bed, for example. 
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide gas detectors: These emit a loud alarm if triggered and transmit an alert to a monitoring centre who will contact the London Fire Brigade.  
  • Flood detectors: Sensors in the kitchen or bathroom that can detect and send an alert if water is overflowing, or a tap has been left on.  
  • Heat/temperature sensors: These can detect extreme temperatures in the home, they can spot a fire hazard or avoid the risk of hypothermia. 

Wearable devices: 

  • Emergency alarm: neck or wrist-worn emergency/panic button that calls the 24/7 Emergency Response Centre 
  • Falls detector: sends an alert if they sense a sudden jolt or downward movement. 
  • Epileptic seizure alarm: detects the symptoms of a seizure and alerts the 24/7 Emergency Response Centre 
  • GPS tracking devices: keep track of someone when they are out-and-about, suitable for dementia 

If you require any of this equipment then please contact the Adult Triage Team on 020 8227 2915 to request a referral. 

Useful information

Most telecare devices connect through old telephone lines, however, by 2025, the UK government is replacing all telephone lines with digital. Medequip are experienced in switching to digital telecare and will be supporting Barking & Dagenham to achieve this which will benefit residents with modern technology, back-up battery power, increased pendant range and more reliable connections.   

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