Sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation

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Sexual exploitation is a form of abuse that involves the manipulation and coercion of people into sexual activity. Sexual exploitation is also a form of modern slavery.

Sexual exploitation has occurred if sex takes place and:

  • it is in exchange for basic necessities, such as food, shelter or protection
  • it is in exchange for something that is needed or wanted
  • an individual has felt frightened of the consequences if they refuse (coercion)
  • the person who is exploiting stands to gain financially or socially 

If the person is under 18 then this is child sexual exploitation and you should call the Children’s Services Duty and Assessment team on 020 8227 3811.

Learn more about safeguarding children.

There are services that can help adults who are being sexually exploited too:

Domestic and Sexual Violence Service - Refuge
One to one confidential, non-judgemental support and advocacy to all people living or working in Barking and Dagenham experiencing gender-based violence - including sexual exploitation.

Refuge website
Call: 0300 456 0174

The LEA Project
Delivered by Nia, works with women over the age of 18 in prostitution anywhere in London and provides non-judgemental advocacy and support in exiting.

Call: 0207 683 1270

Arc Theatre: Raised Voices 
A  group for young women and girls in education to explore violence against women and girls through peer education.

Raised Voices website
Call: 020 8595 8509

Learn more about Child Sexual Exploitation, including signs, real stories and advice and support:

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