Medical conditions and services

Find out about NHS Choices and NHS 111 and how they can help.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices has information to enable you to make a choice about when and where to receive your treatment. This is a detailed information service that helps to put you in control of your healthcare.

It can help you make decisions about your health, from lifestyle choices about:

  • smoking
  • drinking
  • exercise

through to practical things like finding and using NHS services when you need them.

NHS Choices

NHS 111

NHS 111 is a free-to-call non-emergency medical helpline. The service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is intended for ‘urgent but not life-threatening health issues.

Simply dial 111 to use the service.

The service replaces:

  • NHS Direct
  • NHS24
  • local GP out-of-hours services

NHS 111