Armed forces covenant

The armed forces covenant sets out the moral obligations between the nation’s people, the government and those who serve or have served in the armed forces. It exists to address the disadvantages that the armed forces community may face in comparison to other citizens, and to recognise sacrifices made.

Our armed forces community covenant

In 2019, we updated and resigned an armed forces community covenant with representatives of local armed forces and local partners, including:

LBBD armed forces community covenant (PDF, 189 KB)

The covenant aims to encourage all parties within a community to offer support to the local armed forces community and make it easier for service personnel, families and veterans to access the help and support available from the MOD, statutory providers and the charitable and voluntary sector. These organisations already work together in partnership at a local level.

Armed forces corporate covenant

This complements the armed forces covenant and sits alongside the community covenant. It ensures the armed forces community face no disadvantage in their engagement with businesses and charitable organisations.

Businesses and charitable organisations can show their support to the armed forces community by signing a corporate covenant and tailoring it to what they wish to pledge.