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Our website will be under planned maintenance on Monday 23rd September 2019.  Please note this will cause some of our forms to be unavailable and we will be unable to provide you with the progress of completed forms also.

Bin collection days

If you live in a house or converted flat, your:

  • household grey bins are collected weekly
  • recycling brown bins are collected fortnightly
  • your green bin is collected fortnightly (when the scheme is active) if you’ve signed up for our green garden waste service

Make sure your bins are placed outside by your boundary by 6am on the day of collection.

Presenting your bins for collection

To make sure your bins are emptied:

  • put all your rubbish inside your wheelie bin - the lid must close
  • excess recyclable material will only be collected if placed next to your brown bin in clear bin bags (not carrier bags)
  • cardboard will only be collected if tied together and placed next to your brown bin
  • don't put the wrong materials in your bin - check our guidance on what goes in your bins
  • put your bins outside by 6am on the day of collection
  • only place bins on the street if you don’t have a front garden or drive


Missed collections

If your bin collection was missed you can report it and book another collection from 10pm on the collection day until 6pm the following working day.

Report a missed collection

Find your collection day

To find your collection day, enter your postcode then select your address from the drop-down list. For fortnightly recycling and green garden waste collections, check your week schedule against our recycling bins calendar.

If you live in a commercial or shopping area your collection day may be different to those listed.

Collection day problems

Let us know if you have a problem with your bin collection days

The problem with your collection day

The problem
Bin type

Your details

Your name
Your address

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Recycling and green garden waste collections calendar

The calendar shows the week assigned to your address (week 1 or week 2) for brown recycling and green garden waste fortnightly collections. Grey household waste bins are collected every week.

Collection days may change due to bank holidays.

Download the collections calendar

March 2019
Week 1     
Week 2    1
Week 145678
Week 21112131415
Week 11819202122
Week 22526272829
April 2019
Week 112345
Week 289101112
Week 11516171819
Week 22223242526
Week 12930   
May 2019
Week 1  123
Week 2678910
Week 11314151617
Week 22021222324
Week 12728293031
June 2019
Week 1     
Week 234567
Week 11011121314
Week 21718192021
Week 12425262728
July 2019
Week 1     
Week 212345
Week 189101112
Week 21516171819
Week 12223242526
Week 2293031  
August 2019
Week 1     
Week 2   12
Week 156789
Week 21213141516
Week 11920212223
Week 22627282930
September 2019
Week 123456
Week 2910111213
Week 11617181920
Week 22324252627
Week 130    
October 2019
Week 1 1234
Week 27891011
Week 11415161718
Week 22122232425
Week 128293031 
November 2019
Week 1    1
Week 245678
Week 11112131415
Week 21819202122
Week 12526272829
December 2019
Week 1     
Week 223456
Week 1910111213
Week 21617181920
Week 12324252627
Week 23031   
January 2020
Week 1     
Week 2  123
Week 1678910
Week 21314151617
Week 12021222324
Week 22728293031
February 2020
Week 134567
Week 21011121314
Week 11718192021
Week 22425262728
March 2020
Week 123456
Week 2910111213
Week 11617181920
Week 22324252627
Week 13031   

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