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Births, marriages, deaths and nationality

On Friday 13 November and 18 December 2020, the Register Office will be closed to the public for training purposes.

If you need to contact the register office for a timely death only, please complete the contact form, leaving the name of the person that has passed away and the name and telephone number of the next of kin.

When we have received the medical cause of death certificate from the general practitioner, we will call you to register the death.

We would like to make sure that everyone using the Register Office and our services are comfortable, safe and secure.

The council is committed to the protection of its staff and the community and will not tolerate violent, racist, sexist, homophobic or aggressive behaviour.

Any anti-social behaviour will be reported and the firmest possible action taken, including prosecution.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Register Office is following COVID secure guidelines to ensure the safety of all customers and staff. This means we can only have a limited number of people in the building at any time.

Unfortunately If you are 5 or more minutes late for any pre-booked appointment we will not be able to carry out the service you have requested.

No visitors to attend the Register Office without a prior appointment. Please note that children cannot attend the office until further notice. New born babies being registered can attend but this is not a requirement.

Please note that everyone attending the Register Office must wear a face covering (unless you have a medical reason not to do so) and may have their temperature taken. If you have a temperature or refuse to wear a face covering then you will not be able to enter the building.

Marriage/Civil Partnership ceremonies

Due to the new lockdown restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on 31 October 2020 and until further notice, we will not be accepting any new bookings for Weddings and Civil Partnerships. This is so that cancelled appointments are able to rebook.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership appointments 

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 31 October 2020, we will only be accepting urgent requests for Notice of Marriage appointments. 

If you require an urgent appointment for a ceremony that has been confirmed as going ahead, please let us know as soon as possible by using our Register Office enquiry form.

Please do not call the Register Office as we are receiving a high number of calls at present

Copy certificates

Copy certificate application

Priority certificate application service is available online.
There are no provisions for you to collect certificates in person from the Register Office at present.

Please note, you cannot order copy birth certificates for babies until they have been registered.

Group and Private Citizenship Ceremonies

Please do not call the Register Office as we are extremely busy at present.

If you have received an invitation letter from the home office, please contact using the Register Office enquiry form and we will contact you within 5 working days.

Please check this website for all up to date information.

For any other urgent queries only please contact us using the Register Office enquiry form.