Staff capability to safeguard children

Section one must be completed and emailed immediately to the local authority designated officer (LADO) if it is alleged that a person who works with children has had an allegation made against them.

LADO referral monitoring form (DOC, 77KB)

It is essential that you follow the steps below and that regardless of how trivial or serious you think the allegation or the safeguarding issue is, that you do not delay in contacting the local authority designated officer (LADO).

If an allegation is made by a parent, child or other practitioner against a member of staff, or a child is lost or goes even temporarily missing you must adhere to the following procedure:

  • complete part 1 of the LADO referral monitoring form, and email to
  • this must be done within 24 hours of receiving the allegation
  • do not discuss the allegation with the staff member concerned
  • follow up your referral with a telephone call to 020 8227 2265 to ensure the referral has been received and to discuss the next step with local authority designated officer (LADO) Lorraine Giles or safeguarding lead for education and schools Mike Cullern
  • the LADO will then discuss with you how to proceed
  • the LADO will discuss the options available, including advice on the position of the member of staff and whether suspension or other steps should be considered to safeguard the child and staff member, as well as what to tell the parents
  • you must not discuss any of the details of the allegation with the member of staff concerned – the LADO will advise you if you can tell them that an allegation has been made and what child protection procedures must be followed – in some circumstances you may be advised that you cannot tell them anything at this stage
  • based on your discussion you will be advised whether you will need to complete a multi-agency referral form (MARF)
  • you will need to send the MARF to the referral officers at
  • a strategy meeting may then be arranged
  • you must inform Ofsted
  • you may be asked to conduct your own internal investigation once a decision has been made about a criminal investigation or other single agency investigation

Body maps

Body maps should be used if an accident occurs or if there is a safeguarding concern.

Body map (PDF, 25 KB)