Community payback

Community Payback is a punishment where offenders 'pay back' the community for their crimes.

The scheme is delivered by Probation and offenders are supervised to conduct demanding, physical work in their community. Magistrates and Judges can order offenders to do between 40 hours and 300 hours of Community Payback. Offenders are expected to undertake a minimum of six hours per week. Offenders wear orange jackets marked 'Community Payback', so local people can see they are paying back for their crimes.

In order to be suitable, Community Payback projects must:

  • reduce crime and fear of crime
  • be identified by local communities as a priority
  • be visible to local communities
  • improve quality of life for the community

Examples of work which could be undertaken include:

  • graffiti removal
  • street clean-ups
  • ground clearance
  • recycling projects
  • building maintenance
  • improvements to park and community facilities
  • environmental preservation programmes
  • landscaping and gardening projects
  • painting and decorating in community centres and meeting places

For further information about Community Payback please contact the Community Safety Partnership Team by email