Public spaces protection orders (PSPOs)

PSPOs came have been an effective tool to address a range of ASB issues.

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced several new tools and powers that can be used by councils and partners to address anti-social behaviour (ASB) in their local areas. 

The orders allow councils to introduce restrictions on reasonable behaviours that can help improve the quality of life of their residents. As a minimum, each PSPO must set out:

  • what the detrimental activities are
  • what is being prohibited and/or required, including any exemptions
  • the area covered
  • the consequences for breach
  • the period for which it has effect.

To determine whether the Council will implement a new PSPO or replace an existing PSPO, the Council will follow a full consultation process to understand local partner and residents’ views and determine the best way forward. The consultation process includes the following steps.

  • Gathering feedback from local services and partner agencies
  • Review of local community safety data including ASB figures
  • Draft Public Space Protection Orders and creation of an evidence pack
  • Launch of formal consultation and engagement with residents
  • Final draft orders agreed and approved by Council Director
  • Enforcement go-live and deployment of additional public space signage

Current LBBD PSPO Orders

Broad Street PSPO ASB (PDF, 251KB)

Barking Town Centre PSPO ASB (PDF, 270KB)

Heathway PSPO Order 2021 (PDF, 498KB)