Flag flying

Information about flag flying in the borough

To celebrate the diversity of our local community, we support regular flag raising events throughout the year. If you’re interested in organising a flag raising event to mark a day or month of significance for nations, communities and groups represented within our borough view our flag flying policy and our equality and diversity calendar below.

Flag policy

This policy applies to Barking Town Hall as the council’s main administrative building. It will act as a guide, along with the plain English guide to flying flags.

Flags flown daily

The Borough Flag

Also flown at half mast to mark the death/funeral of a council employee or former employee.

The Union Flag

In accordance with guidance from the Department for Culture and Media and Sport, also flies in recognition of these occasions in 2023:

  • 1 March: St David’s Day (in Wales)
  • 13 March: Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)
  • 17 March: St Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland)
  • 9 April: His Majesty’s Wedding Day
  • 23 April: St George’s Day (in England)
  • 6 May: Coronation Day
  • 17 June: Official Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 21 June: Birthday of The Prince of Wales
  • 17 July: Birthday of The Queen Consort
  • 8 September: His Majesty’s Accession
  • 12 November: Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)
  • 14 November: Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 30 November: St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland)

The day of the opening of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by His Majesty and the day of the prorogation of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by His Majesty. Flags should be flown on these days even if His Majesty does not perform the ceremony in person; flags need to be flown in the Greater London area.

The Union Flag flown at half mast:

  • upon the death and subsequent funeral of the Sovereign, and other members of the Royal family, subject to special command from His Majesty in each case 
  • the funeral of other members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister or any other dignitaries as advised by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport
  • on the death/funeral of a service officer in the armed forces from the borough
  • the death/funeral of a serving or former local member of parliament or serving or former local councillor
  • to mark Holocaust Day on 27 January along with the flying of the Holocaust Flag

Flags flown at other times

Additionally the leader of the council has discretion to fly flags as appropriate at other times (for example when the national football team is playing in the World Cup).

Other flags

Cross of St George Flag

On St George’s Day on 23 April

Rainbow Flag

On the Day against homophobia on 17 May, and during February for LGBT History Month.

Armed Forces Day Flag

Armed Forces Day takes place on the last Saturday of June. In 2018, it took place on Saturday 30 June. Celebrations began on Monday 25 June when the Armed Forces Day flag was raised, and flown all week.

Windrush Flag

Recognising Windrush Day on 22 June with an annual celebration to honour the history and legacy of the Windrush generation   

Remembering Srebrenica Flag

On international day of memorial for the victims of the genocide on 11 July.

Disablement Flag

On international day of persons with disabilities on 3 December.

Baby Loss Awareness Flag

On 15 October to mark International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Transgender Pride Flag

On 20 November to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance.

White Ribbon Flag

On 25 November to mark the campaign to stop male violence against woman and girls.

Flags will not be flown during severe weather warning and planned maintenance.

Donate a flag

To celebrate the diversity of the borough and the heritage and identity of our residents, and to show civic pride, the council invites members of the community to organise flag raising events to mark days of significance for nations, communities and groups represented within the borough.

Donate a flag events are community-led and local organisers are responsible for planning and delivering the event, with some support from the council.

The council will offer use of the Town Square and Town Hall for your event and fly the chosen flag on the Town Hall flagpole for the day.

A key requirement is that the flag which will be used for the event is donated to the council by the community. The flag will then be used for future events regarding that nation, community or group.

Request a flag raising event

Anyone wishing to organise such an event should complete the below form. Before completing the form, read and follow the instruction in the below guide.

Request a flag raising event

Donate a flag guidance for event organisers (PDF, 151KB)

Events will only be considered if the event request form has been completed and submitted 4 weeks in advance of the proposed date of the event.

Contact the Leader’s Office for further information:

Leader’s Office

020 8724 2101