Your Council Tax bill explained

Find out what each section of your Council Tax bill means.



Your council tax bill explained

Photo of council tax bill

What each section of your bill means

1. The name of the person responsible for paying the bill and the billing address.

2. The date the bill was printed, any payments made after this date will not be on the bill.

3. Your Council Tax account number. You will need this number if you want to ask us about your bill or when managing it online.

4. Your address if different from the billing address

5. The unique reference for your property

6. Your council tax band.  More information on bands can be found on our council tax bill and valuation band

7. The reason you have received the bill. In this case your annual bill.

8. The total amount you must pay for the year ahead, broken down by money owed to us, the Greater London Authority and the Adult Social Care precept.

9. Bar code to be scanned when making payments at the Post Office or a pay point.

10. The dates covered by your annual bill. Any discounts and exemptions will also be shown here.

11. The final amount you owe for the year.

12. If you have setup a direct debit, the information such as due dates and amounts will be shown here.

13. Confirmation that the amount charged includes an Adult Social Care precept.

14. Any outstanding amounts owed from previous years will be shown here.