Leasehold queries

Every leaseholder has an equal responsibility for ensuring that a lease’s terms and conditions are met.

Your lease includes a plan that shows your property (edged in red) and any garden, storeroom or parking space that were previously part of the tenancy and included in the sale of your lease.

The building in which your flat is situated is part of an estate. This may be as small as a single block containing two flats, or a larger area containing several blocks in a common area. The estate is shown edged in blue on your plan.

The lease sets out your obligations and rights as a leaseholder of a leasehold property and our obligations and rights as your landlord. These obligations and rights are known as ‘covenants’. You should refer to your lease for the full definition of these covenants.

For any leasehold queries, please email or call 0208 227 2529

Please note that we no longer accept payments made by cheque. All payments must be made online.