Annual gas safety checks

This safety check can include pipework, meters, boilers and your cooker.

You may have received a letter recently from the gas team, which is unreadable and corrupt, please ignore this letter. The matter is in hand and is being rectified by the gas team. Thank you

As your landlord, we have a legal duty to carry out an annual safety check on all gas appliances installed in your property.

Ensure access is available to the boiler and any other gas appliances by clearing any belongings away from the appliances to be checked. If you have a card meter for your gas, ensure there is money on the card so that the safety check can be carried out.

Ensuring safety

The safety check is free and will only take a short time. It will reassure you that your gas appliances are safe, and not emitting the poisonous gas carbon monoxide. Once a safety check has been carried out, you will be given a gas safety certificate, which you should keep in a safe place.


A letter will be sent to you with an appointment. If the appointment is not convenient you will need to contact us on 020 8592 7388 to re-arrange it. If you deny us access, we may take action against your tenancy and you could lose your home.

If the engineer cannot gain access for this appointment, a letter will be hand delivered through your door asking you to contact us within seven days to make another appointment. If you do not contact us, another letter will be sent to you asking you to make an appointment within seven days of the date of the letter. We will charge you £25 plus VAT for any appointments that you make and are not at home to keep.

Finally a letter will be sent to you advising that we will be taking legal action to gain access if you do not make an appointment within 14 days of the date of the letter.

If you do not make an appointment

If you do not contact us to make an appointment following this process, we will ask the court for a warrant to gain access and carry out the gas safety check.

If the gas safety check is carried out using a warrant, you will be recharged £300 plus VAT, which takes into account the following additional costs that have been incurred, such as:

  • officer preparation of information for the court and attending court to obtain the warrant
  • the Tenancy Audit Team becoming involved
  • the execution of the warrant involving two gas engineers, a locksmith and other officers