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Status message

Apply for Individual Assistance Payment (IAP)

Hardship Payments decisions are discretionary and are based on the information we may already hold on our system, information gathered from other council departments and what you state on this application. Therefore, it is important to complete this application in full so that we have all the information available to decide based on your circumstances. All applications received will be treated individually and on their own merit.

The IAP scheme works in conjunction with the Homes and Money Hub to support residents across a broad range of services. This will include referrals of IAP Applicants to services such as Job Shop, Budgeting and Debt advice, Adult Learning and any other relevant service as applicable for further advice and ongoing support.

Below we have detailed some helpful information which may help you during this current COVID-19 pandemic regarding your outgoings and spending.

Council Tax 

If your claiming Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or you’re now on a very low income you might be able to get some help towards your Council Tax.
If you are still struggling to afford to pay your Council Tax and are currently affected by the COVID-19 crisis, please contact the Council Tax Department and discuss options of repayment.


If you are struggling to keep up payments of your gas and electricity. Look for your most recent bill and call the number provided on there and discuss what options you have going forward. They will be able to tell you about ways you can make affordable repayments and they should also check if you’re on the best tariff for your needs. It is also possible to switch providers to get the best tariff even if you are in arrears.
If you have a prepayment meter, you will receive help if you’re not able to top it up. This will include credit being sent in the post and money automatically being added to your meter and your utility companies sending people out on your behalf to top up your meter.
While we experience the COVID-19 crisis you will receive support and no meter disconnections will take place.
The water companies are offering different kinds of support during the crisis. These include payment breaks, adjusting your payment to cope with the drop in income, stopping new court applications on unpaid bills during the current restrictions and stopping any enforcement action.

To find out what your supplier can offer you will need to get in touch with your water provider directly.


TV License 

While we experience the COVID-19 crisis TV Licensing has stated that if you normally pay at a PayPoint but are currently self-isolating and unable to leave the house that you do not need to worry. There are other ways you can make payments. You can pay using your Debit or Credit card on their website or use their 24/7 automated telephone service by calling 0300 555 0300. However, they do not have any ability to take calls or respond to emails at this moment.

Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) is a fund intended to alleviate hardship. This payment is to help those who face a variety of challenges and allows them to find alternative solutions whilst receiving an additional income from the Council to help towards food and general living costs on a short term and temporary basis.