Green garden waste collections

Our green garden waste collections for kerbside properties is an annual, paid-for, subscription service that you have to renew each year. The service offers fortnightly collections and runs from April to October/early November (depending on your week of collection). For more details, check the terms and conditions for 2018's service below.

The subscription deadline for 2018 has now passed.

We're reviewing the service for 2019 collections and will update this page as soon as further information is available.


For all enquiries regarding the green garden waste subscription service, except for missed collections, call 020 8227 3572. We aim to respond to queries within 2 days.

You can report a missed collection below.

Waste we collect Toggle accordion

We collect the following garden waste items: 

  • cut flowers 
  • weeds 
  • leaves 
  • grass cuttings 
  • hedge trimmings 
  • twigs 

We won't collect green bins that contain waste that is not accepted green garden waste. If your bin is frequently full of non-green garden waste items we have the right to remove it permanently, and no refund for your subscription to the service will be given.

Presenting your waste Toggle accordion

All green garden waste must be presented at the boundary of your property between 8pm the night before your collection day and 6am on your collection day. 

The bin handle must face towards your property with the front of the bin facing the road. Your green garden waste permit should be placed on the front of your bin, so it's clearly visible to the crew. If you are renewing your subscription, place your new permit on top of the old permit.

Your waste must be placed loosely in the green bin, must fit inside the bin and you must be able to close the lid. We won't collect additional green garden waste left to the side of the bin. Don't put your garden waste in plastic bags in the bin. We won't collect the green bin if you put your waste out in this way. 

If you forget to put your green garden waste out for collection on the day it's due, you'll have to wait for the next collection date.

Missed collections Toggle accordion

If, for reasons of access, our collection vehicles miss a road, they return later in the day where possible.

Our collections run up to 10pm on the day of the scheduled collection, so you can report a missed collection from 10pm on your normal collection day until 6pm the following working day. Outside of these times we’re unable to book for your bins to be emptied before your next scheduled collection.

For more information on how to report a missed collection visit our report a missed collection page.

Your green bins Toggle accordion

If you sign up for the service but do not have a green bin, we'll issue you with one. If you already have a green garden waste bin from us, you can continue to use it when you sign up for this service. 

We won't collect green garden waste from green bins we haven’t issued you with.

If you have a green bin but do not wish to sign up for the service, you may keep it or ask us to collect it from you.

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Recycling your green garden waste

If you have green garden waste that you need to get rid of and you haven't signed up for this service you can bring it to one of our recycling facilities.

Alternatively, you may wish to compost your green garden waste. Barking and Dagenham residents can buy composting bins for as little as £17.98 (+£5.99 delivery). The usual retail price is £39.

You can order your composting bin online or call 0844 571 4444.

For advice and a beginners’ guide to composting, visit slimyourbin.