0 to 19 Healthy Child Programme

The 0 to 19 Healthy Child Programme in Barking and Dagenham is a health care programme that is offered to families/ carers with children from antenatal to 19 years of age.

Services included are:

Health Visiting - services from antenatal to 5 years of ages for children and their families

School Nursing – services for school aged children up to 19 – and 25 for those with additional needs

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) – a mandatory programme to collect data on children’s height and weight at School Entry (Reception) and Year 6 

The programme provides community public health service to children, young people and their families with a focus on early intervention and prevention. The programme works in partnership with local communities, families, and children in different settings including homes, clinics, family hubs and schools. The programme includes statutory and non-statutory services. 

Barking and Dagenham is currently re-commissioning the 0 to 19 Healthy Child Programme. This is a strategic activity that reviews the latest evidence and data both nationally and locally and engages with staff, communities, families, and children about their experiences. Recommissioning is a partnership activity focussed on improving outcomes for the population, enabling service providers to work most effectively and ensure best value for public funds. 

Between February 1st and March 21st 2024 there are a series of surveys and workshops to hear more about the views of children, young people and families and those working with them. 

Our online survey about health visitors is here:

0 to 19 Commissioning Health Visiting Survey

For school nursing :

0 to 19 Commissioning School Nursing Survey

Workshops can be run by request from sue.ford@lbbd.gov.uk

Individual comments and questions are welcomed.