Sheltered housing

Accommodation for older people who are able to live independently but require some degree of support.

Care homes and residential care do not count as sheltered housing.  Sheltered housing schemes are managed by the council or housing associations. Each sheltered housing property is self-contained and has its own front door, kitchen, bathroom and living room, with a separate or combined bedroom.

Sheltered housing brochure (PDF, 1854KB)


You'll have the benefits of a secure tenancy and a sheltered housing member of staff to respond in an emergency or to provide advice and support if needed, 24 hours a day. While you'll have support available if you need it, you'll still have the independence of your own home, with your own front door.

You'll live in a supportive community with people of a similar age, with communal facilities, such as lounges, in some schemes and opportunities to join in social activities.


There are pressures on all types of housing supply in Barking and Dagenham and sheltered housing is no exception.To be eligible to apply for sheltered housing you must:

  1. Live in the borough
  2. Have lived in the borough continuously for three years
  3. Not be subject to immigration control
  4. Be aged at least 55 - if you’re younger you must have a disability/medical condition and be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate or Personal Independence Payment
  5. Be in recognised housing need; for example, you may have a medical condition which is affected by your current housing circumstance and must also agree to accept the support available


You can apply for sheltered housing as part of your application to join our housing register.

Apply to join our housing register

After you apply

When your application has been received, we will carry out a home visit to assess the level of priority that should be awarded to your application. We will request any documentation in support of your application (such as medical letters) during the home visit.

Changes in your circumstances

If there are changes to your circumstances, such as medical issues that affect you in your current accommodation, you must keep us informed.

Tell us about a change of circumstances

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