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Missed streets - bin collections

If your street has been missed it will be listed below. We will aim to collect later this evening or tomorrow. Please leave your bins out.

If an entire street has been missed and is not on this list, email: missedstreet@lbbd.gov.uk

This page is updated each day, Monday to Friday.

Friday 7 May

Axe Street, BarkingDomestic
Bell Farm Avenue, DagenhamDomestic
Birch Gardens, DagenhamDomestic
Bury Road, DagenhamDomestic
Chandler Court, DagenhamDomestic
Charlotte Road, DagenhamDomestic
Church Elm Lane (Bartletts House, Church Elm Court, Jervis Court), DagenhamDomestic
Church Street (Royal Parade), DagenhamDomestic
Coopers Close, DagenhamDomestic
Dagenham Road, DagenhamDomestic
Ely Gardens, DagenhamDomestic
Fels Farm Avenue, DagenhamDomestic
Fir Tree Walk, DagenhamDomestic
Foxlands Crescent, DagenhamDomestic
Gay Gardens, DagenhamDomestic
Grove Gardens, DagenhamDomestic
Hardie Road, DagenhamDomestic
Highland Avenue, DagenhamDomestic
Hollidge Way, DagenhamDomestic
Home Gardens, DagenhamDomestic
Hooks Hall Drive, DagenhamDomestic
Manning Road, DagenhamDomestic
Park Drive, DagenhamDomestic
Rainham Road (Flats), DagenhamDomestic
Rainham Road South, DagenhamDomestic
Reede Road, DagenhamDomestic
Roberts Place, DagenhamDomestic
Tony Rawson Way, DagenhamDomestic
Vicarage Road, DagenhamDomestic
Victoria Road, DagenhamDomestic
Waterman Court, BarkingDomestic
Wheel Farm Drive, DagenhamDomestic
Winstead Gardens, DagenhamDomestic

Thursday 6 May

Monmouth Road, DagenhamRecycling
Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham Domestic
Porters Avenue, DagenhamDomestic