Borrowing money and credit

Help and advice for borrowing money and credit.

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Sometimes we all need some extra help to get by or to pay for things that we cannot afford out of our regular income. There are certain types of credit or loans that we should all avoid because very high-interest rates mean paying back many more times what you have borrowed.

Loan sharks are illegal money lenders who often target low-income and desperate families. The Money Helper has very useful information and advice if you have borrowed money from a loan shark.

If you need to borrow money to pay off debt, or for special reasons like travelling abroad to see family there are a number of responsible organisations who will make sure you can repay the loan and where interest rates are much more affordable.

The Liberty Credit Union is a local, community-based organisation that is a great alternative to banks, building societies, credit cards and high street or doorstep lenders because it provides loans at very low-interest rates.

Anyone who lives in Barking and Dagenham can join, it doesn't matter how old you are, whether or not you are working or claiming benefits. All you need is some proof of your ID and your address.

Contact details

Liberty Credit Union

Unit 38, Vicarage Road Shopping Centre, Ripple Road, Barking, IG11 8DQ

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Opening times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 4pm
  • Saturdays between 10am and 1pm
  • Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

Telephone: 01708 741 899 during the above opening hours.

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