Affordable energy in the pipeline for East London residents

More residents will be supplied with affordable heating and hot water by early next year thanks to locally powered green energy delivered by B&D Energy Ltd.

Thanks to a successful grant application the council owned company has today secured £1.1m from the Government which will be matched by £1.5m of Council funding to deliver low carbon energy to residents in 230 homes in new housing developments in Dagenham.

This follows a further 1,000 residents which are being connected to B&D Energy’s scheme in the new re-built Gascoigne estate in Barking whose homes will also be powered by a mini-power station in the estate.

Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council said: “This is another coup from our trailblazing B&D Energy company and more importantly more residents will be able to get locally provided cost effective green energy.

“It’s great work from B&D Energy which has only been up and running since July last year.”

Residents in the Dagenham housing projects and Gascoigne Estate will start receiving their locally powered energy by spring next year.

“Both projects will be powered by a mini power station using natural gas by recovering the heat which is normally wasted in a conventional power station.

Together these schemes will reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount as that emitted by over 300 cars a year.

These are just two of B&D Energy’s projects with plans for a further five schemes and further renewable energy schemes across the borough.

Cllr Rodwell, said: “Setting up these projects is part of our drive to make a greener, healthier, wealthier borough.”

FAO Editors:

B&D Energy Limited which was set up earlier this year thanks to £1.7m funding from the council and £750,000 from the European Investment Bank.