Picture of Councillor Darren Rodwell

Council announces new Cabinet

Cllr Darren Rodwell has been confirmed as Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council for the third time, and he has now named his Cabinet for the new administration. The announcements are all subject to formal ratification at Assembly on 25 May 2022.
On making the announcement, Cllr Rodwell said: “I am pleased to share details of the Cabinet appointments I have made today which will take us on the next stage of our journey. 
“I’d like to express my thanks to those members who are not continuing in their cabinet roles for their hard work and commitment, and I look forward to working with our new cabinet members. 
“Our work over the last 18 months has been framed largely in terms of a post-Covid recovery. Our next phase is about how we grasp the aspiration of our residents and maximise the proceeds of growth, while supporting local people with the cost-of-living crisis. We have achieved a great deal in the last few years: two new film studios, the three wholesale markets of London, and more than 2,000 truly affordable homes with more than 900 people being housed off the waiting list, and that’s just for starters. But there is so much more that we need to do. 
“Our focus remains on how we do the best by our residents. If the first phase was about organisational transformation and putting the council on an even financial footing, including balancing our books, securing savings without outsourcing services, and putting an end to salami-slicing jobs, the next phase of our journey is about how we build on what we have achieved together so far. That includes how we work with our partners – including those in the NHS, social care, the voluntary sector, the police, and investors – to help us deliver our objectives and make sure we deliver the proceeds of growth. The new cabinet reflects these priorities.”  
Councillor Twomey continues as Deputy Leader with responsibility for finance and growth, including attracting inward investment and leading the council’s drive to be more commercial and self-sustaining – this is crucial if we are to continue to stand on our own two feet. 
Councillor Dulwich is Deputy Cabinet Member for Performance & Data Insight, all of which has a vital role to play in helping support the delivery of better services. The creation of the Deputy Cabinet Member is a new position which reflects the continuing evolution of members’ roles on the council.
Councillor Ashraf continues as Deputy Leader with responsibility for community leadership and housing. Councillor Ashraf will continue to work closely with Councillor Bright in addressing inequalities, with Councillor Bright continuing in her role as Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills & Aspiration. 
Councillor Geddes continues as Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Economic Development with a new emphasis on place-making. That is, making sure we build new homes and create places with a sense of community and belonging. 
Councillor Haroon joins the Cabinet as Cabinet Member for Public Realm & Climate Change, which sees climate change and the green agenda with a place at Cabinet for the first time. 
Councillor Ghani takes on responsibility for Enforcement & Community Safety, including parking policy.  
Councillor Worby becomes Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Integration, a vital part of which includes getting to grips with the emerging health agenda as well as leading the roll out of our community hubs programme which was a key manifesto pledge.
Councillor Jones joins Cabinet in a new position of Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care & Disabilities and the council’s statutory lead for children’s social care services, sharing responsibility with Councillor Worby for the council’s all-age disability service. 
Councillor Kangethe moves to become Cabinet Member for Educational Attainment & School Improvement, responsible for ensuring that our youngsters get the best start in life.