Clean up

Council-led operation clears illegal encampment in Barking

An illegal encampment which has been a persistent problem for local residents and was a source of antisocial behaviour has been cleared thanks to a joint action between council enforcement officers and the police.
After listening to concerns raised by residents, council officers and the Police carried out a successful operation which resulted in them clearing out the encampment.
The operation, which took place on Thursday 30 June under the Ripple Road Flyover, was arranged to challenge, support and move on several rough sleepers who had been congregating there for many months and causing distress to other residents.
The council’s enforcement, street cleansing and outreach team all attended and provided assistance and support to those who wanted it.
Once people had been moved on, the street cleansing team removed all the rubbish, which included hundreds of alcohol cans and bottles.
While the operation was taking place, roughly 30 residents who were walking their children to school spoke to council officers to express their appreciation of what was being doing with one resident saying: “I cannot thank the Council enough, we have to walk through this everyday where we see them abusing each other, drinking and urinating – it’s been absolutely awful.”
Those people who did engage with council’s outreach team were signposted to the relevant services where they can receive the support that they need including help with housing and other support services.
Councillor Syed Ghani, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “We know that some people fall on hard times, and we will always try and support them to get back on their feet.
“However, if they refuse the support and continuously cause disruption to other residents, we will not be scared to take action. I would like to thank all the council officers and the police who were involved.”