Dagenham shops fined for fly-tipping

During a routine patrol, two enforcement officers visited an Alley on Oxlow Lane, which was filled with lots of waste.

The officers took it upon themselves to investigate further and found evidence that led them to two different shops.

Both shops were issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice and one of them had the alley cleared and cleaned.

Councillor Syed Ghani, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “One thing we don’t stand for in Barking and Dagenham is people making our streets look dirty, whether that be fly tipping, littering or spitting.

“I would like to thank the officers for their quick and proactive action, and I hope that these shop owners have learnt their lesson and won’t fly-tip again.”

Residents can report fly-tips on the council website and if they witness someone fly-tipping, they should email