Illegal cigarettes

Eagle-eyed enforcement officer removes over £2k worth of illegal cigarettes off the streets

A Dagenham shop, which had been selling illegal cigarettes, has had over 5,000 removed after they were spotted by a council Trading Standards officer. 
The seizure took place during a routine inspection of the shop where the officer noticed the cigarettes in a trolley next to the till. 
Upon further inspection, the officer found the trolley to be packed with 5,260 illegal cigarettes comprising of brands such as Sobranie, Kent, Winston and Marlboro, with an approximate value of more than £2,000.  
All of the cigarettes seized lacked traceability, taxes hadn’t been paid on them, not in plain packaging and not labelled with the appropriate statutory health warnings. 
Councillor Syed Ghani, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “This was a great spot from the officer as cigarettes can have a huge impact on people’s health, so it’s important that if they are being sold, they are being sold legally and with the correct labelling. 
“The sale of illegal cigarettes is often linked to organised crime, so we need to make sure we continue this work and take the relevant action if we find our local businesses selling them.” 
Trading Standards are now carrying out a further investigation with a view to taking legal action. 
If a resident is aware of a shop or someone selling illegal cigarettes, they should report them to